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I’ve taken a greater interest in state and local politics, so I’ve decided to retire this website, which has focused on Utah’s federal delegation. I will now be blogging at where I can comment on Utah politics and whatever else I feel like.

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You probably remember these signs from 2010’s 2nd Congressional district race between Morgan Philpot and Jim Matheson. Well, apparently Mr. Matheson didn’t like being compared to Nancy Pelosi, because he was one of only 19 Democrats who didn’t vote for Pelosi to be Speaker of the House.  Instead, Matheson chose to vote for North Carolina Rep. Heath Schuler. I guess Freedomworks will have to come up with a new clever sign to try and defeat Matheson.

(video from Connor Boyack)

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Included in the Senate’s $1.2 Trillion Omnibus spending bill (which was just pulled from the Senate floor) were 85 earmarks totaling over $253 Million from our outgoing Senator Robert Bennett. 85 earmarks in one bill!

Thanks Bob, for reminding us why we voted you out.

The 2012 elections in Utah are sure to garner a lot of attention. For one, 36 year incumbent Senator Orrin Hatch will face his first primary opponent since he was elected in 1976. Whether that opponent will be Jason Chaffetz, Cherilyn Eagar, or others remains to be seen.  Utah will also be the recipient of a 4th Congressional district and the State Legislature will have to tackle the redistricting that goes along with it.Utah's 4 District Map

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