Keeping an eye on Congress

(video from Connor Boyack)


Comments on: "Mike Lee Sworn in as Nation’s Youngest Senator" (1)

  1. Richard Smith said:

    Senator Lee,

    I remember my 92 year old mother tell the stories about all the changes in our world during her life time. I will turn 60 in January and I too have watch our world change significantly.

    I remember using a telephone that the operator asked who you wanted to be connected to, I remember the killing of our innocence when our President was murdered. I watch gasoline go from $0.16 to over $5.00 a gallon and the price of everything explode after we got off the gold standard.

    I have watched as the Soviet Union broke apart and as borders and names of country’s change. I have watched other nation’s people rebel against unrighteous rule and horrible governments.

    I believe I will see new forms of “government by the people” replace governments that are secretly “against the people”.

    It is true that the “people” haven’t been very smart but I think they are getting pretty smart pretty fast.

    I believe that I will actually see another revolution on America soil before I die.

    I believe that any attempt to steal anymore money from the people’s treasury of Social Security and Medicare, before creating a fair and equal tax to all levels of economic layers, the revolution will start very very soon.

    Richard Smith

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