Keeping an eye on Congress


You probably remember these signs from 2010’s 2nd Congressional district race between Morgan Philpot and Jim Matheson. Well, apparently Mr. Matheson didn’t like being compared to Nancy Pelosi, because he was one of only 19 Democrats who didn’t vote for Pelosi to be Speaker of the House.  Instead, Matheson chose to vote for North Carolina Rep. Heath Schuler. I guess Freedomworks will have to come up with a new clever sign to try and defeat Matheson.


Comments on: "Matheson ≠ Pelosi" (2)

  1. Richard Smith said:

    Senator Matheson,

    I remember my 92 year old mother tell the stories about all the changes in our world during her life time. I will turn 60 in January and I too have watch our world change significantly.

    I remember using a telephone that the operator asked who you wanted to be connected to, I remember the killing of our innocence when our President was murdered. I watch gasoline go from $0.16 to over $5.00 a gallon and the price of everything explode after we got off the gold standard.

    I have watched as the Soviet Union broke apart and as borders and names of country’s change. I have watched other nation’s people rebel against unrighteous rule and horrible governments.

    I believe I will see new forms of “government by the people” replace governments that are secretly “against the people”.

    It is true that the “people” haven’t been very smart but I think they are getting pretty smart pretty fast.

    I believe that I will actually see another revolution on America soil before I die.

    I believe that any attempt to steal anymore money from the people’s treasury of Social Security and Medicare, before creating a fair and equal tax to all levels of economic layers, the revolution will start very very soon.

    Richard Smith

  2. Well look at Matheson’s voting record. The reason he didn’t vote for Pelosi is so that it would look like he was totally independent. Instead he votes aroun 85% with Nancy…Are you a liberal? Don’t play games with signs like this.

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